Other Projects

We have funded an inspirational new youth empowerment initiative “We are the Traiblazers” which aims to help teenage girls develop confidence and resilience. The programme devised by Sophie Radcliffe ( and delivered with the assistance of Youth Sports Trust ( works to raise self-esteem and confidence to a targeted group of Yr 9/10 girls with low self-confidence - it has been piloted in six schools across London and Kent. The girls attended a number of workshops run by Sophie during the year and then a weekend at PGL Osmington Bay for a series of workshops with motivational athletes and challenging physical exercises. The camp was blessed with incredibly good weather and we were so impressed by the energy and enthusiasm of everyone involved – it will have been a life-changing experience for many.


We have also sponsored an athletics taster day at the King’s Park Stadium in Bournemouth. Initiated by Ian Kennedy of Wimborne Athletics & organised by Allegra’s aunt, Georgina - children from secondary schools in the local area attended to find out more about athletics and try out different disciplines. We were incredibly lucky to have Rachel Morris, a double gold medal winning Paralympic athlete (in 2 different disciplines) join us for the day. She brought her medals for everyone to feel & admire & gave an inspiring talk to us.


We have also sponsored the upkeep of a horse at Tower House Horses a small charity that supports vulnerable young people through building therapeutic relationships with horses.