The reason our charity exists is because of Allegra.

Allegra died suddenly and completely unexpectedly sixteen days after her 16th birthday.

She loved sport – her ambition was to represent Great Britain as an Olympic athlete.

She loved nature and being outside – she loved animals, especially ponies and horses.

She loved her life, her family & friends – she was an exceptionally happy person.

She encouraged others and was an inspiration for many people who knew her.

Allegra’s Ambition aims to enable young people to engage in being outside & participating in sport – with a focus on the vulnerable & disadvantaged


The ambition of this charity is to help other young people through participation in sport and outdoor activities to develop similar positive behaviours and values to enhance their lives – and be happier people. Like Allegra.

A second ambition of Allegra’s charity is for young people to become involved in building the charity with their own ideas & challenges. Our vision of Allegra’s Ambition is clear – but there are many ways of achieving it. Allegra was always proactive and she had great ideas. If it was fun, if it was a challenge, if it was inclusive, if the goal was worthwhile – then Allegra wanted to do it.