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Allegra’s Ambition aims to enable, engage and empower young, disadvantaged people to fulfil their potential through participation in sport and outdoor activities.

Allegra’s Ambition works in partnership with a small number of carefully vetted charities to deliver a range of projects that support young, disadvantaged people through participation in sport and outdoor activities. 

Each charity we work with is chosen because its aims closely align with our goals and because Allegra’s Ambition’s involvement adds real value.  We are committed, wherever possible, to supporting projects on an ongoing basis and work closely with our partner charities to build relationships over time.   All our partners have proven track records, are well-established, well-governed, low risk and employ dedicated, expert and inspirational staff.

Volunteering is a central part of our charity. Allegra’s Ambition actively supports all our fundraisers and encourages volunteering within our partner organisations wherever possible. ≠challengeyourself

Allegra’s Ambition is currently working with a number of charities in London and the South of England, united by a common goal, to support vulnerable young people and make a real difference to their lives