Allegra’s Ambition was set up in memory of Allegra with the initial momentum coming from Allegra’s family and friends who have fund raised tirelessly and imaginatively in her memory.

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Here are some of the very special charities we currently support.

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Country Holidays for Inner City Kids

( who offer residential breaks for vulnerable children and young people aged 8-15 at their three rural centres in Devon, Cornwall and Derbyshire. CHICKS believe every child has the right to make positive childhood memories. A CHICKS break inspires new confidence and gives children the chance to have fun, enjoy new experiences and relax. More than anything, it gives them the chance to just be children.

Youth Options

 ( is a Hampshire based charity that believes every child and young person should have the opportunity to realise their potential whatever their life circumstances. Youth Options are committed to developing young people’s social and emotional skills to improve their chances in life.

Ebony Horse Club

( is a riding school in the centre of Brixton who use horses to raise the education, life skills, well-being and aspirations of young people growing up in some of the most disadvantaged communities in south London.

Carney’s Community

( is an inspirational charity working with vulnerable and at risk young people in South London engaging them through boxing. Carneys is much more than a boxing club; it works holistically with each young person supporting them in all areas of their lives.

Street Reach

( is a Winchester based charity, which engages with young people in need through weekly ‘detached’ outreach sessions. This approach helps Street Reach to identify and support young people that experience disadvantage, and who may be vulnerable. They work with young people that may not be engaging with any other services and though their work help to build their wider support network, including referring to specialist agencies to help address unmet needs.

Tower House Horses

( offers Equine Assisted Learning (EAL) for personal development, recovery, special educational needs and family support.
Horses and human beings have evolved together for 6000 years and we share a unique and mysterious connection. Horses symbolise power, beauty and freedom and we have much to learn from their extraordinary instinctual, sensory and emotional intelligence. The field of equine assisted learning (EAL) has grown out of this special relationship and its applications are limitless.