13th September 2015

Allegra’s Aunt, Charlotte, organised a Fun Run & walk in her home town, Lamma Island, Hong Kong, raising an incredible £1,842.

Yesterday an amazing thing happened. 100 or so people joined me in walking or running for Allegra’s Ambition. Allegra was my niece, she was just a child but so very special. She inspired others to do a little better, to dream a little bigger, to laugh a little louder & love a little more. I do not have the answers why these things happen, but I do know it’s our responsibility to learn from it & to be inspired & inspiring every day.

Life is precious and all children are special. My children don’t see themselves as sporty, so to see them both race off at the start line with absolute gusto filled my heart with joy. To see the look of amazement on my daughters face when she was told that, along with her friends, they came in 2nd in the 5km distance was a moment I shall treasure. To hear them talk about going trail running again & planning more fun runs is incredible. I could not be more proud of them.

I think about Allegra all the time and I’m so sad that she is gone but for now I’m saying “thank you for the inspiration”.