20th September 2015

Eddie Fowle, aged 12 & his brother Max, aged 10 are Allegra’s 1st cousins and they decided to set themselves the challenge to cycle 100 miles. Turns out that when you have friends on board, 100 miles isn’t so very far at all. In fact, together with 6 school friends, they cycled a whopping collective 259 miles in the Somerset sunshine at the Haynes Motor Museum race track. They just didn’t want to stop!

Doing this ride was daunting for Eddie when he first started organising it, then his friends started to get engaged and Eddie found everybody wanted to be part of the event, for Allegra and for raising money for other children.

When the boys finally stopped cycling their chatter turned to what a brilliant time they had had, wondering when they could do it again and then they started thinking of new ideas and events they could run, or maybe making the ride a larger or even an annual event they could all help organise.

Eddie’s Cycle ride raised £1,380 – a HUGE thank you to all those lovely friends who took part (and parents who brought them), he couldn’t have done it without you. Another HUGE thank you to everyone who has sponsored Eddie, his target has already been doubled by you wonderful people. A more pensive soul, Eddie’s 10yr old brother, Max said afterwards that he hadn’t realised what a great feeling it would bring inside of him to do something together, as a team, for other people; now he’d like to be organising something for his classmates to take part in and share the feeling. He’s had a taste of a life less ordinary – something Allegra knew a lot about.