We have continued to develop links with Ebony Horse Club (www.ebonyhorseclub.org.uk). EHC is a riding centre based in the centre of residential estates in Brixton which teaches inner city children, including some very vulnerable young people, to ride and offers respite in their lives.

In October 2016 we sponsored Allegra’s Paddock, a much-needed piece of grazing created at Ebony, with land lent by Lambeth Council and fenced by Allegra’s Ambition. The Centre had no grass grazing previously & it provides a natural alternative to the woodchip paddock which is the only other recreational space for the ponies. We also organised a day out at Herriard Park for 25 young people from Ebony last summer. We were brilliantly supported by Hampshire Hunt Pony club, 5 riding instructors and a host of other volunteers who donated their time & ponies for Ebony children to spend the whole day with their own pony. Ebony members enjoyed riding in the huge paddocks set up for the day, a barbecue generously donated by Newlyns as well as games of rounders & football at lunchtime. It was a fantastic day true to the spirit of Allegra’s Ambition. The feedback from Ebony was very positive, and we have already set a date for the day for this year of Monday 24 July 2017.