If it was fun, if it was a challenge, if it was inclusive, if it was worthwhile Allegra wanted to do it.

In the spirit of Allegra’s legacy we encourage all our supporters, fund raisers, volunteers, partners to #challengeyourself.

Allegra’s Ambition receives support from a wide range of inspirational individuals of all ages. We have received donations of pocket money, the profits of a one girl bakery, as well as sponsorship from climbing to Everest’s base camp, riding from Hampshire to Cornwall, cycling to Paris, running Marathons, Iron Mans and Tough Mudders. The donors have one thing in common – they have all challenged themselves and achieved something exceptional as well as funds for Allegra’s Ambition.

Visit this page to see the amazing fundraising efforts For Allegra.

<image> Philomen, Allegra’s much loved stuffed dog, has acquired a taste for adventure, especially mountain climbing. He has already been to Mt Everest, Mt Kilimanjaro, Mt Snowden, to the Matterhorn and on the Caledonian Challenge, as well as helping out at CHICKS. Philomen is currently putting his feet up on Allegra’s bed but is always up for a challenge, so get in touch if you have any ideas for a new adventure for him.