The ambition of this charity is to help young people through participation in sport and outdoor activities to enhance their lives.

A second ambition of Allegra’s charity is for young people to be involved in building the charity with their own ideas & challenges. Allegra was always proactive and she had great ideas. If it was fun, if it was a challenge, if it was inclusive, if the goal was worthwhile – then Allegra wanted to do it.

Our charity will initially support established charities with goals that achieve our aims and with demonstrated track records of good management and good results. These are likely to include small and local charities. In the future, we may also support specific projects, groups of people or individuals.

The Charity has no set up or ongoing administration costs. These will all be paid separately or funded directly by us (i.e. secretarial, postage, legal, website) while it remains a small / medium scale Charity. Every pound donated will be for or go to the beneficiaries.

There is much research to demonstrate that sport brings many benefits on multiple levels. It offers a fun, engaging, primary experience. It is good for both physical & mental health. Sport offers a balance to academic work which can improve concentration, discipline and performance levels in the classroom and in other pursuits. Sport is good for making friends and building social confidence. Sport teaches how to compete. The ability to compete, including the determination to do your best, and learning how to deal with adversity and losing is an important skill in life. Sport builds self-confidence. It can be a fun hobby, it can be an elite career.

Spending more time connected with nature and doing outdoor activities provides enjoyment, primary experience, a balance in life and an appreciation of the wider world and its beauty. In addition, interaction with animals brings enjoyment and recreation and can foster empathy, caring and a sense of responsibility.